Unwrap the Joy: Shopper Contests that Connect and Spread Christmas Cheer

Nov 05, 2023

Hey there, my fellow Christian makers,

The holiday season is all about spreading joy and making cherished memories. As a Christian maker who loves crafting and celebrating the magic of Christmas, you're in a perfect position to create a festive atmosphere for your customers. This year, why not consider hosting some shopper contests to engage your audience and make their Christmas extra special?


Why Run a Shopper Contest?

As a Christian maker, you know the power of spreading joy and positivity. A shopper contest is the perfect way to do just that while also boosting your business. Here's why it's a stellar idea:

Engage Your Audience: Contests are inherently engaging. They create a buzz, spark interest, and encourage your shoppers to actively participate.

Build Anticipation: People love a good competition. Running a contest builds anticipation and excitement around your products. Shoppers eagerly await the results, keeping them engaged with your brand.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Contests often go viral. When your shoppers share their participation and excitement with friends and family, your brand gains valuable word-of-mouth marketing.


Christmas Shopper Contest Ideas


Holiday Wishlist Contest:

What's better than getting your dream gift during the holidays? Encourage your customers to create a wishlist of their favorite items from your shop and share it on their social media. Ask them to tag your shop and use a specific holiday-themed hashtag. To spread the Christmas cheer, select a winner randomly from those who participated, and fulfill an item from their wishlist as a special prize.


Christmas Decor Contest:

The joy of decorating your home during Christmas is a tradition cherished by many. Ask your customers to share photos of how they've incorporated your products into their holiday decor. You can create different categories such as "Best Tree Decor" or "Coziest Holiday Corner." Reward the winners in each category with special Christmas-themed prizes to elevate their festive spirit.


12 Days of Giveaways:

Make the countdown to Christmas exciting by running a 12-day giveaway. Each day, offer a different product from your shop as a prize. Shoppers can enter by following your social media accounts, tagging friends, or sharing their favorite holiday memory. This not only builds anticipation but also keeps your brand in the spotlight throughout the holiday season.


Festive Recipe Exchange:

Christmas is synonymous with delicious feasts. Invite your customers to share their favorite holiday recipes, and let them know you're looking for inspiration for your own gatherings. Reward the best recipes with discounts or even a holiday-themed product from your shop. It's a delicious way to connect and share the holiday spirit.


Ugly Sweater Photo Contest:

Ugly sweaters have become a holiday tradition in their own right. Encourage your shoppers to dig out their ugliest Christmas sweaters, take photos, and post them on social media. Create categories like "Most Creative," "Most Festive," and "Most Hilarious." The winners can receive holiday-themed prizes or discounts to add a touch of whimsy to their holiday wardrobe.


Holiday Craft Challenge:

Celebrate the artistic spirit of the season by inviting your customers to get creative with your products. They can create holiday crafts and share photos of their creations on social media. Create categories like "Best Wreath," "Most Original Ornament," or "Coziest Knit." Reward the winners with discounts and inspire others to embrace their inner artisans.


Christmas Carol Karaoke:

For the musically inclined, a Christmas Carol Karaoke contest can be a lot of fun. Ask shoppers to share videos of themselves singing their favorite Christmas carols via IG story – (tagging your shop of course). Create categories like "Best Duet," "Most Enthusiastic," and "Best Costume." The winners can receive holiday-themed prizes, and the musical merriment will brighten the season for all.


Stocking Stuffer Scavenger Hunt:

Add an element of adventure with a stocking stuffer scavenger hunt. Create clues that lead shoppers to specific product pages on your website. Those who find all the items and complete the hunt can enter to win a special holiday gift basket, making their Christmas morning even more exciting.


The Best Christmas Story:

Share the joy of storytelling by inviting your customers to share their most heartwarming or funny Christmas stories. Whether it's about a special gift, a memorable moment, or a hilarious mishap, these stories can bring a smile to everyone's face. Choose the most touching or entertaining story and reward the storyteller, spreading the warmth and laughter of the season.  And then share the story with your shoppers so all can enjoy the story.


The Quick Win:

A super quick win for this strategy is to create an eye-catching contest announcement graphic and post it on your social media platforms. Use your storytelling skills to make it compelling.


These contest ideas are designed to add a layer of fun and engagement to your Christmas promotion. They encourage your customers to embrace the holiday spirit, interact with your brand in a memorable way, and create joyful memories that they'll cherish for years to come.

This Christmas, let the spirit of giving and merriment shine through your brand with these creative shopper contests. After all, Christmas is a time of joy, and by hosting these contests, you'll be sharing that joy with your valued customers.

May your Christmas season be filled with creativity, connection, and countless reasons to smile.

If you have any questions or need more marketing for your online handmade shop, feel free to reach out. Let's end 2023 well and make 2024 a year of growth and success for Christian makers!


Cheering you on, -melissa 😊


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