Craft Show Conversations: 5 Questions to Connect with Your Perfect Shopper

Mar 17, 2024

Heading into craft show season is about more than just showcasing your work; it's a chance to genuinely connect with people and learn exactly who your perfect shopper is.

And let's not miss the chance to grow our email list in the process. Let’s dive into how engaging with our audience at these events can give us valuable insights to refine our approach and marketing strategy.

5 Questions To Get To Know Your Perfect Shopper

Craft shows offer a wonderful opportunity for direct interaction with your perfect shopper. Through meaningful conversations, you can gain insights that help tailor your products and marketing to resonate more deeply. (aka: attract your perfect shopper easily at shows and online)

Here are five questions to ask:

  1. What Drew Them to Your Booth?
    Identify what elements are attracting people. This insight is crucial for crafting displays and products that appeal directly to your ideal customers.

  2. Why Were They Attracted to That Piece?
    Understanding the 'why' behind their interest can help you create product descriptions and designs that truly connect.

  3. Who Are They Shopping For?
    This question can reveal new target markets and help you understand the broader appeal of your products.

  4. Does It Remind Them of Something?
    The stories you’ll hear can turn your products into more than just items for sale—they become meaningful to your customers.

  5. Getting to Know Them: Married? Hobbies?
    These details, shared in conversation, can provide valuable context about your shoppers' lifestyles and interests, helping you tailor your offerings.

Keeping the Connection Going

Every interaction at a craft show is an opportunity to deepen connections and grow your email list. Remember, each person you meet could become a part of your community, eager to hear more from you and support your craft.

Craft shows are not just about sales; they're about beginning conversations that can lead to lasting relationships. So, let’s make the most of these opportunities, learn about our audience, and grow our community—one email at a time.

Wishing you all the best at your next craft show!

Cheering you on,

-melissa :)

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