Collaborative Marketing: We are stronger together!

Nov 05, 2023

Hey there, sweet Christian maker,


As we talk about Christmas promo ideas, I'm excited to share a fantastic marketing strategy that can help you connect with a like-minded creators, boost your reach, and grow your business.


Today, I'm diving into the idea of a Post/Email Swap with a fellow maker on the journey, and how it can make a significant impact on your online presence.


The Post/Email Swap - What's That?


Imagine you could team up with a fellow maker, share your audience, and create content that promotes both of your businesses. That's exactly what a Post/Email Swap is all about. Here's how it works:


Collaboration is Key

Reach out to a fellow maker in your niche who you adore or have a good connection with. Suggest the idea of creating a blog post or email together.


Choose a Theme

Select a theme or topic that's relevant to both your audiences. For example, if you create handmade candles, team up with someone who makes eco-friendly candle holders. You could write a blog post or send an email about "Creating the Perfect Candle Setting."



Once you've created your content, each of you shares it with your respective audiences. This way, you're introducing your business to a new group of potential customers.


The Quick Win

A super quick win for this strategy is to reach out a few sweet makers in your network and see if they would be interested in the idea. Offer your ideas and show how the collaboration could be mutually beneficial.


By engaging in a Post/Email Swap, you're not only expanding your reach but also building meaningful connections within your niche. It's an opportunity that will bless BOTH of your online handmade businesses! <3


Don't hesitate to reach out to a fellow maker and suggest this exciting strategy. You might be surprised by the positive response and the growth it can bring to your online handmade business.


As always, I'm here to support you on your journey. If you have any questions or need more tips on marketing and mindset, feel free to reach out. Let's continue to make 2024 a year of success for Christian makers!


Cheering you on,



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